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Thanks to everyone who has liked my Facebook Page so far.

As promised, here is a sneaky pre-release track from my upcoming album.

King William IV.

Looking forward to being back here tonight!
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Moving to London!

When you're a fourteen year old kid with a guitar and a crazy dream eabout
recording an album and singing songs for a living,
you see yourself ending up in one of three places:

Los Angeles, New York or London.

Well now I'm a little bit older, and for some reason, I never really grew out of
the whole Rock Star fantasy so.... I had to buy myself a one way ticket.

On Wednesday 1st April I'll be heading to London
and I don't know when I'm coming back!

It's a real big step for my career and an incredible opportunity.
I can't believe it's happening!
We've all been working real hard on the album and I'm excited to say
that it's in the final stages.

I really can't wait to let you all hear a track! Won't be long now!!!


Upcoming events.

Wed Apr 22nd
The Workshop

Thur Apr 23rd
The Chelsea Pensioners

Wed May 6th
Rise 46

Tue May 12th
The Bedroom Bar

Tue May 26th
Surya, King's Cross


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